you can only die once

c 1435 Torrent of Portugal (EETS) 1. 993 A man schall But onnys Dyee.

1597–8 SHAKESPEARE Henry IV, Pt. 2 III. ii. 228 A man can die but once.

a 1721 M. PRIOR in Literary Works (1971) I. 533 With great Submission I pronounce That People dye no more than once.

1818 F. HALL Travels in Canada & United States xxxvii. He replied..that he was too ill to come out, and should die if she forced him; ‘You can die but once,’ said the beldame.

1840 MARRYAT Olla Podrida I. xii. ‘A man cannot die more than once,’..but..a man can die..once professionally or legally, and once naturally.

1980 M. GILBERT Death of Favourite Girl ii. ‘Why not,’ said Sally. ‘You can only die once.’

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